Welcome to Your Corporate Learning Center!

What is a CLC?

In the Corporate Learning Center (CLC), CRG's corporate and institutional clients can easily manage their employees, clients, assessments, and users. All Corporate users are kept under the scope of the Corporate Learning Center. This is the place to manage your organization, conduct 360° assessments, generate PSI/JSI compatibility reports, and manage your subscription.

How can you benefit from a CLC?

Each Corporate Learning Center can support a hierarchy of up to 10 layers —enough for a large international company to set up offices in locations around the globe.
  1. In CLC's Management Console, you can create groups, add users, and distribute and view assessments.
  2. The intuitiveness in the CLC makes the administration of CRG Online assessments very, very easy!

How can I get a CLC account?

Complete the online registration process. Purchase the subscription level that works best for you! Subscription fees are based on the number of users within the Corporate Learning Center.

That's all! For more information contact CRG.

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